6 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape in Winter

6 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape in Winter

Maintaining a commercial landscape during the cold months can be challenging, but with the right practices, it can remain healthy and attractive throughout the winter. 

In this article, discover the six essential tips that will help you care for your landscape during the cold winter season.

 1. Aerate and Scarify Your Lawn

Aerating and scarifying are essential practices for maintaining the health and appearance of your commercial landscape. Aerating helps to improve soil drainage and encourages root growth, which is vital in colder months when grass growth slows down. Scarifying, however, involves removing dead roots and other debris from the lawn, allowing for better air circulation and promoting new growth. 

 2. Grit Your Paths and Roads

Keeping your staff and customers safe should be your business’ number one priority, especially during winter when paths and roads can become slippery. Implementing a gritting service in your winter maintenance routine can prevent injuries and keeps everyone safe. By using grit on walkways and driveways, you significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls caused by ice. 

 3. Tend to Your Trees

Trees are susceptible to damage during winter due to frost and grit. It’s important to trim the trees to remove any weak branches that might break under the weight of snow or ice. Additionally, wrapping trunks can protect young trees from frost damage. 

Proper tree care in winter not only prevents property damage but also ensures the healthy growth of your trees in the coming seasons.

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 4. Dormant Pruning

Pruning during the dormant season is less stressful for plants. It’s an ideal time to shape trees and shrubs, as the absence of leaves allows for a clearer view of the structure. Dormant pruning encourages healthier, more vigorous growth in spring and can prevent disease and pest infestations. It’s a critical step in maintaining the overall health and appearance of your commercial landscape.

 5. Remove Any Dead Leaves

Dead leaves can create a slippery hazard on your property and block sunlight from reaching the grass. Regularly removing leaves and other debris is important to keep your premises safe and ensure that your lawn receives adequate sunlight. This simple maintenance task can make a significant difference in health and safety on your premises.

 6. Begin Planting Now Ready for Spring

Some plants benefit from being planted before the weather turns very cold. Planting in late autumn or early winter allows them to establish roots, giving them a head start when spring arrives. This proactive approach to planting ensures a vibrant and colourful landscape as the weather warms.

What Kinds of Businesses May Need Winter Maintenance?

Various businesses, especially those with outdoor spaces like corporate offices, retail complexes and hospitality venues need winter maintenance to ensure safety and preserve the aesthetics of the landscape. Regular winter maintenance is essential if you wish to maintain a professional appearance and a safe environment.

Snow removal and winter gritting with a tractor plough - Newman Landscapes

Newman Landscapes offers comprehensive winter maintenance and gritting services. Our experienced team ensures that your commercial landscape in Coventry, Derby, Telford and the surrounding areas is well-maintained and safe during the winter months, including the festive period. From snow gritting to general landscape maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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