Why Gritting is Important for Businesses

Why Gritting is Important for Businesses

The holiday season may be behind us but the winter weather is here to stay for a while longer. So while you’re starting on your New Year’s resolutions and finishing your turkey leftovers, spare a thought for your business’ gritting schedule. It’s important to take precautions that will keep your staff and customers safe.

Now we’ve spread some festive cheer, it’s time to spread some grit to keep your business safe. In this article, we discuss why gritting should be a priority for your business this winter.

When should you start gritting your business premises?

Many businesses will start gritting their premises as soon as the weather turns colder. Ice and snow can come at any time, so it makes sense to be prepared rather than caught off guard.

However, some businesses don’t want their premises covered in grit all winter as it can make the ground rocky and uncomfortable to walk on. This is why many businesses are choosing to invest in automatic gritting services.

Automatic gritting services use advanced equipment and continuous weather monitoring to determine the best time and temperature to apply grit. This allows an external company to take care of gritting your premises automatically and only when necessary, ensuring that your business is prepared for winter weather without constantly being covered in grit.


why gritting is important for businesses

Why is winter gritting important for businesses?

Whether you’re gritting your premises all winter or taking advantage of an automatic gritting service, gritting needs to be on your winter to-do list. Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Private companies are legally obligated to ensure areas are kept safe and clear

You are legally responsible for keeping areas safe for staff and visitors. This will include car parks, public spaces, pavements and building entrances. Should you fail to comply, your business could be struck with a hefty fine.

  • Gritting will avoid interruption your business due to unsafe or hard-to-use premises

If your business has to close due to icy or snowy conditions, it can lead to lost profits and disrupted operations. Grit helps to keep your business open and running smoothly, even during the winter months.

  • Gritting will ensure the safety of all people attending your business premises

The safety of your employees, customers, and anyone else who visits your business should always be a top priority. Slipping and falling on icy or snowy surfaces can lead to serious injuries, and you don’t want anyone getting hurt on your property. Grit helps to create a safer environment for everyone by reducing the risk of falls.

  • Gritting will prepare you for unexpected weather changes

You never know when a winter storm is going to hit, so it’s important to be prepared for unexpected weather changes. An automatic gritting service will track temperature drops and be ready to attend when needed.

Winter gritting services across the Midlands

Businesses across the Midlands can receive automatic gritting services this winter from Newman Landscapes. We offer gritting for all types of commercial premises in and around Derby, Telford and Coventry.

Using advanced equipment and 24/7 weather reports, we provide path and road gritting at the optimal time and temperature. You’ll be assigned a service manager to keep you updated on the temperature for the night. If the temperature drops below zero, we’ll either request approval to grit your premises or do it automatically, depending on your preferences.

We even offer snow clearance among our range of ground maintenance services.

With over 15 years of experience, two grit options and a talented team, Newman Landscapes is here to protect your business. Contact us today to enquire about our gritting services.

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