What is Included in a Tree Survey?

What is included in a tree survey?

Tree surveys are detailed examinations that ensure your trees are safe and healthy. Whether you’re a property owner, developer or council, you can benefit from getting a professional survey of the trees on your site. Not just a recommendation, tree surveys are often required for planning applications and keeping your property legally compliant.

In this article, find out what’s included in a tree survey and how you can keep your green spaces healthy and thriving.

What is Included in a tree survey?

Tree surveys are comprehensive examinations conducted by a professional surveyor. They cover various aspects of tree health and typically include the following:

  • Tree identification

 The tree surveyor will identify the species, age and size of each tree on the site.

  • Tree health assessment

The surveyor will examine the tree’s overall health, looking for any signs of disease, pests or decay that could affect its stability or lifespan.

  • Structural evaluation

The surveyor will assess the tree’s structure, including any defects, damage or hazards that could pose a risk to people or property.

  • Tree protection measures 

The survey will outline any necessary protection measures, such as fencing or signage, to keep people and wildlife safe during construction or other activities.

  •   Recommendations

Based on the survey findings, the tree surveyor will provide recommendations for tree maintenance, preservation or removal if necessary.

what is included in a tree survey

How Often Should Arboricultural Reports and Surveys Be Carried Out?

How often your trees should be surveyed will depend on your site and the local regulations. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to conduct a tree survey whenever there are significant changes to the site. For properties with a high number of trees or areas with a history of tree-related issues, conducting surveys on a more regular basis might be necessary.

What Are the Benefits of a Tree Survey?

Many people think tree surveys only need to be conducted during the sale of a property. In fact, there are many reasons why getting a tree survey is a great idea.

  • Risk management

Tree surveys help identify potential hazards and reduce the risk of tree-related accidents or damage to property.

  • Compliance with regulations

Many planning applications require a tree survey as part of the process, ensuring that development projects meet all legal requirements.

  • Preservation of natural habitats

Tree surveys play a vital role in conserving and enhancing local ecosystems, as they help identify and protect valuable habitats for wildlife.

  • Long-term tree health

Regular tree surveys and maintenance ensure that trees remain healthy and beneficial to the ecosystem.

  • Cost savings

Identifying and addressing tree-related issues early can help avoid costly repairs or legal disputes later down the line.

Newman Landscapes Tree Services

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional tree survey, the team at Newman Landscapes can help. Our expert tree surveyors have years of experience conducting tree surveys in Derby, Coventry, Telford and beyond. We provide thorough arboricultural reports, and we can recommend suitable services based on our findings.

Don’t take any chances with your trees – contact Newman Landscapes today to schedule your tree survey.

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