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Winter Gritting

During the winter months, it is crucial that you don’t get caught out with icy paths or black ice on your car park or business park roads.

When you have Newman Landscapes as your service provider for gritting services you will have your own service manager that will keep you updated with the temperature for that night. Newman Landscapes use the MET office for the weather reports. So if the temperature drops below zero (-0) you will get an email notification from your dedicated service manager to ask you if you require your areas to grit.

We offer two services – automatic gritting when the temperature hits a certain level and notification and grit on your permission.
There are two different types of grit we can use for your site, which are brown and white.

Brown rock salt are more economical and has grit and sand mixed in.
White rock salt is pure salt, this is more expensive but does not leave any brown mess in your buildings. Brown rock salt when wet gets dirty and can be travelled into the building.

The team will then grit your premises at night between 8pm and 4am – this is the best time to grit as frost takes place at night.
Newman Landscapes use the state of the art gritting equipment to deliver the best service for your roads and pathways.

Customers we currently grit are:

• Business Parks
• Commercial Premises
• Forecourts
• Shopping Centres

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