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Landscape Construction

Newman Landscapes landscaping division can come and install any type of large project that you need to be completed.

At the start of this project all there was just a field David Newman designed the garden for the client and produced planting plans and 3D drawings. Once this had be signed off we removed all the grass on the fields levelled the ground out and started installing the hard landscaping. All the spoil from the lake was used for the mound and the rear of the lake. The front garden has got a slate water feature we have gone for a tropical theme with the planting. The idea was to have a hidden garden in the front entrance where people go and sit and relax on the slate bench.

The lake is 20 meters x 15 meters and 10 meters deep, this has a large slate stone to create a water fall that cascades down. In 2018 we fitted the decking in our customers court yard, this is 3 different levels and all different angles to create different shapes.

At the top there is a beach pebble theme with palomino pebbles and a floating decking path.

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